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did 1d buy ‘steal my girl’ from ed

no niall stole it

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"The Earth laughs in flowers" embroidery



i hate people who try to shit on you for liking one direction shut the fuck up get ur miserable ass away from me

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i used to keep track of
how long we went without talking
until i caved in
and all the progress i’d made
by staying away from you
went down the drain

it’s pretty easy now
because we didn’t stay in contact
over the summer
i know it’s been a year
since i even heard your voice
i cut off any possible way
of reaching out to you
because i know otherwise i’d give in
just like i used to

i never believed i could do this
i never thought i could stop myself
from trying to hold onto you
maybe you’re weak for not being honest with me
and i’m stronger than you ever knew
i’m stronger than i ever knew
i built myself up again
into someone you can never touch


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I can’t wait until I’m 45 and singing Midnight Memories drunk at a karaoke bar by myself because I never learned to love anything more than I love one direction

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